Hey beautiful people, How are y’all doing? It’s been a struggle trying to balance a lot of things and still being able to consistently post on my blog.

Looking back and smiling, Wondering how I got to this point all of sudden, from battling with low self esteem, Crying myself to bed and asking God why he created me? Sinking into depression, Convincing myself that no man will ever want me, Choosing to end my life on so many occasions, Falling down seven times never to rise I thought.

When the time was right,  My God picked me up, made me to see myself through his eyes and gave me the right people to push me to fulfil purpose.

I cant believe this is Me….Who would have thought?

I look around me and I see God fulfilling not just my prayers but even my silent thoughts.

This is just to encourage someone out there and myself also because I’m a work in PROGRESS

God is with you

 Always with you

Keep being you

See yourself through God’s eyes 

Never feel less

I love you so much 

God loves you more.