Hello lovelies

It’s been over a month I posted or even wrote, exams and stuff happened.. I have been trying to come up with something interesting… Thank God I did.

A very funny but annoying encounter I had today,i was sleeping jejely enjoying myself and someone woke me up from sleep and the person was like why would your brother post that on his status tell him to remove it,what kind of video is that?? My brother came and he was angry and insisted he won’t remove the video and I supported him because I felt there was nothing wrong with the video.

This is a video of a dog dancing one corner,i also posted that video and later removed it So this got me thinking??

Is Sex a topic that should be hidden??

Is Sex a topic meant for adults only??

How can Sex be explained to children??

When is the right time to say it??

I must state at this point this post is for matured minds, if u think u can’t handle it or you don’t like the topic please don’t bother reading further. Thank you

So let me start from the beniniging😁😁(if you’ve seen that video)

Puberty is a stage that must come in everyone’s life.. It is when a person is first capable of sexual reproduction,it surfaces with changes in the body. In our present world,children are more exposed to erotic ideas, sexual abuse and pornography etc but the bigger picture is making the child get the right information before getting exposed.

For example I am married, I had my first child and she is about 5 years old and I am pregnant again Thank God 😂 I tell my daughter you are going to be a big sister soon she gets to school excited and tells her classmates and one of them whispers to her”Ehen your daddy and mummy have done bad thing together”. She is worried and she is scared ,”what did my daddy and my mummy do?? “She tells me what happened in school and I can’t scold her now but what do I tell her? Her classmate has gotten a very wrong orientation and I don’t want my child to be like that.

In my own opinion, what I am going to tell my child is simple but let me explain it in general terms :

0-4 years -Explain the parts of the body,the vital organs,why they shouldn’t play with some parts of their body. Daddy hugs mummy really tight and God gives them another baby .

5-7 years -make the child understand if someone touches him or her in some vital parts of the body,you should be told.

8-14 years-puberty has started occurring,girls start menstruating at this age. Guys start having wet dreams at the age of 8 and above at this stage you should go in details and tell the child what it’s all about but be careful and be sure you’re passing an information and not spoiling the kid.

For this to be achieved

  • You must have a good parent -child relationship, be close to your kids everyone of them .The bond should be built and they shouldn’t be scared of you. You don’t have to scold everytime or shout sometimes you can warn or talk.
  • Be observant and watchful and give the right information…because children are the primary victims of rape and Africa believes it’s the fault of whoever was raped.. Nobody sympathizes with a rape victim and it is wrong. Don’t tell a child who just started menstruating that if a man touches your skin anywhere you will get pregnant.. It’s wrong .
  • We are going to be mothers and fathers tomorrow some of us might have been victims of sexual harassment,assault or even rape but don’t let the next person suffer same,Before we become parents we are Already guardians in one way or the other.. LET THE CHANGE START FROM US.

I am hoping to get feedback and Comment on your view on this topic… Thank you 😍😍😘