My mom told me a lot of things that happened during her pregnancy journey till when I was born, I’ll share the story of how I was almost swapped.

 According to my mom, about 21 years ago when I was born I had jaundice after 4 days of intense labour at Ikeja General Hospital Lagos. The doctors actually asked her to leave and wrote discharged on her file because I wasn’t forth coming. 

She laid on the ground crying until she noticed my big head😁 was coming out and a medical student came to her rescue, called other doctors and I came into this world on that beautiful day APRIL 18 1999.

 When i came out i had jaundice, according to my mom I was half dead, she didn’t see me they only told her that it was a girl, because of the jaundice i was placed under a spectrum light to treat the jaundice.

In the process of recovering from it i developed strabismus. Two hours later my mom hadn’t seen me nor heard from the nurses she had an uneasy feeling and decided to go to the children’s ward to look for me then she saw me placed beside a dead child who was a boy. A nurse came in and my mom was trying to find out why i was being removed from the spectrum light and the nurse told her “that’s not your baby, the dead child is yours “.

 My mom said No and insisted that she was told her baby is a girl and the dead child was a boy. She also told the nurse with all emphasis that I have my father’s toes so I’m her child. My mom wanted to raise alarm but the nurse stopped her and agreed that I was her child. It was obvious there was a conspiracy to swap me with the dead child but through the help of God my mom was able to save me. That’s a little bit of my birth story and I’ll love to hear yours so please leave a comment or send me a message privately. THANK YOU

I also want to share some vital life lessons I’ve learnt and I want you to take note .

1. Dont expect things from people, don’t expect them to act in some kind of way. Accept it as it comes good or bad.

 2. Mind your business and drink lots of water.

3. No one is worth your peace of mind and no one can dishonor you unless you give them an opportunity.

 4. Read books and learn something every day no matter how little.

5. Marriage is worth waiting for the right person and 30 isn’t a bag age for a woman as the saying goes “I’ll rather stay long than marry wrong “.

6. Everybody cannot like you, you can’t please everybody.

7. Report your problems to God through prayers and build a good relationship with Him.

8. Don’t be afraid of people leaving you but make efforts to keep relationships that give value.

 9. Sex is worth waiting for.

10. I acknowledge the man as my head and being a woman doesn’t make me less a person, i should be given equal rights like the man because i can do anything I set my mind on.

Thank you for reading