Happy new week !!!

I am going to be sharing what I learnt yesterday concerning forgiveness. People have different opinion on this :

Most people believe we can forgive, very few agree that we can forgive and forget. Let me explain how this works:

A person very close to you has done something very painful. You didn’t expect, didn’t see it coming. You can vouch for that person that he or she will never do this to you but it has happened.What have you done to deserve such treatment?? To worsen it the person might be blood related.

As they say, time heals pain within months if not years you have forgiven the person you didn’t die you overcame that trouble but have you forgotten it??

When you see that person do you still remember that incident??

Do you remember all you lost because of what he or she did?? 🤔

These are questions we are to answer. I am here to share few tips on how to let go of the hurt and move on :


  1. We can forgive and we should forgive
  2. It is only when a person is suffering from loss of memory that he or she can be able to forget meaning the event can’t be erased from our memory. You need to always remember it so you don’t make that mistake again and get hurt the second time.
  3. The pain and hurt will eventually go away if you so desire, To save yourself from mental and health risk you have to let it go. The fact that you still and will always remember the event and you will always see that person does not mean you still feel the pain you once felt. You have erased it from your emotions and not from your memory and you can laugh cos you are thankful for the lessons you learnt.
  4. The relationship that once existed between you and that person may sometimes not return to way it used to be. No problem it’s fine but don’t forget it’s a small world you might actually need that person’s help in future and he or she can be the only person to save you from a situation as the case maybe.
  5. There’s no one in this world who has not offended someone and there’s no one who has not been offended before which means we should forgive just the same way we have been forgiven by others .
  6. Above all, God Almighty does not count our sins and transgressions it’s enough reason to forgive. Psalm 130:3$4 says if God should mark our iniquities who will stand?? But he has forgiveness so we can fear him. Jesus said 70 times 7 meaning as long as the person says “I AM SORRY” forgive. Even if the person doesn’t Let it go. To keep on recalling it and feel grief is wrong.
  1. I also learnt that we can be able to forget how that person wronged us and everything about it,depending on the level of forgiveness. We should pray about it and allow God to lead, the hurt and event will be erased. I want us all to give it a thought .Do have a Lovely Week ahead. 😊