The Littlest Info

I knew He was in love with me but I never took Him serious. At times when I feel like I need something really bad He is always there to give me whatsoever I asked of.

He knows me so well more than I know myself even to the littlest info. How come he knows all these? Keep Reading You’ll Find Out.

I want all of us to pick a team we belong to

TEAM 1- You’re married to the love of your life 

TEAM 2- You’re dating love of your life

TEAM 3- The love of your life hasn’t come but for the mean time, you have good people around you.

TEAM 4- Family is everything, you’re actually not searching.

TEAM 5- Incase you dont belong above Just stay here fess after this post you will have a new team.

I believe you belong to a team above but even if you deny it and lie to yourself, No matter how vulnerable, open and real you’re to the people around you but the truth still remains that they dont know completely and they’ll never do. They know you to the best of their knowledge based on experiences and informations you’ve shared about yourself to them but they certainly have no idea beyond what you display.

Do they know your habits and battles you fight within yourself?

 Do they know that you’re fighting addictions?

Do they know you’re sad and sick at heart?

Do they know you’re going bankrupt?

Do they know you have serious health challenges?

Do they have the slightest idea as to who you really are ? NO my love.

Do they know your future?

Many of us have placed our loved ones higher than the one who loved us first.

Nobody knows YOU more than He who created YOU. He made YOU and was so specific as to making YOU what he wanted. Dont you dare think it was because your dad’s x or y chromosome attached to your mother’s x chromosome. NA LIE!!!!!

Your parents may say ” Oh we didn’t plan to have you ” but guess what you came because God wanted you. Even if you’re a product of Invitrofertilization, God made it work.

He’s interested in you and even to the littlest details of your life. It’s not as if God doesn’t know it but if You don’t get him involved in your life he will let you be.

The hairs of your head he numbered them. Luke 12 :7

He knows you will make that mistake, but he doesn’t hold your sins against you. 2 CORINTHIANS 5: 19.

He wants you to come just the way you’re, you feel dirty, used, burdened, unworthy.  He is saying “Come” ISAIAH 1: 18- 20.

He wants you to be so specific when you’re asking for anything. PHILIPIANS 4: 6

He will help you fight every battle, addiction,  that no one knows about. PSALM 55: 22

He is the God of your future and he will give you an expected end . JERE 29: 11

He Loves you and sent his son for your sake. JOHN 3:16

Ask yourself can you lay down your life for someone? That’s the kind of love God has for you. JOHN 15: 13

I want to pour out my whole heart to you so you grab the message….God is too sweet. Be vulnerable to God, when you pray to him be specific to the littlest details He’s hearing you. Dont come to him acting all strong and self made, worship him, sing, cry, There’s no shame.

Sit down and speak to God. Gist with him, tell him how you feel inside and learn to listen and hear him speak to you… He will give you peace and the holy spirit is always there for you.

You’re not your sins, bad habits, addictions, failures etc YOU’RE GOD’S OWN and that’s all that matters.

Now my question to you is: 

Have you chosen a new team??