I entered 2020 without a plan, like no plan whatsoever. I remember how I was feeling bad that people were making resolutions and I was no where to be found😄😄.
January-March 2020 I was so depressed, I go to class and I’m crying my eyes out because I was squatting with a friend and hadn’t paid my rent, no knowing there will be covid 19  God was just telling me to wait and not waste my money in paying rent when there will be no school. 
April 2020
I had serious mental breakdown it felt like nothing was working for me and the Holy spirit told me to start an online class and i hosted one class on the 10th of April i was so impressed with myself. 
I lived alone in school at my sister’s house kara during the lockdown  from April – July nothing happened to me, God fed me using people that i didn’t even expect. 
The online classes birthed the Platform GROWTH4GOALS started a podcast and we are still running.
In September i think, God used a group of sisters called candid Christians to help me start my jewellery store.. This was the biggest miracle and from there i got a contract for my business.
October i paid my rent, moved into a new place and i was so happy to have my own space again. 
October – December wasn’t so good i was really sad because somethings were not just working but i constantly reminded myself of How God was so faithful since January and how i gained so much clarity in 2020
God was just ticking all the boxes.
I’m entering 2021 with a plan,
No pressure,
No heat,
All i want to hear is the VOICE OF GOD and i keep moving.
2020 has been my best year yet and i will say 2020 has been your best year yet.
Protection, provision and guidance on us all and our families, God has been too good.
THANK GOD for all his goodness towards YOU.