Knowing fully well that ¬†good relationships have a way of building one’s self worth, self goals and achievements but it seems as if so many are in meaningless relationships and sometimes they want to make themselves feel good and encourage themselves even when they know they are not gaining anything.

Recently, for the past one month I have heard a lot of stories about battery in relationships,giving him school fees to go into a business trusting him to get good profit so he could refund. At this point I want to ask “are you high?” “did he charm you”

A very funny story I heard yesterday was that a guy used his girlfriend’s schools fees to play naira bet and he never won for one day, he takes her phone withdraws money without her knowledge and he will delete the alert to give you guys hint her school fees for a private university and the stupid part is that the guy Is in his final year and she is just gaining admission.

There are also girls who are in relationships where they are being beaten not allowed to say a word In their relationships. First of all, any man who raises his hand on a woman is a coward no matter how she runs her mouth this doesn’t give women the right to talk as they like but it is wrong for a man to beat a woman.

There are girls Who belong to the category of they live with their boyfriends obviously they have sexual dealings with them but the bigger issue they have done several abortions for him and in your mind you think he will marry you. Keep dreaming bitch.

How do you know if you are in a meaningful relationship??

What are you gaining spiritually??

What moral values has he added to your life??

Financially speaking is he capable to stand on his own as a man??

Does he have plans for his future where does he see himself in the next 5 to 10 years??

Are you part of his goals ??

How is he helping your life to be a better woman and better person??

These are questions that you should ask yourself .

My sister after asking yourself all this questions and more and you don’t have good results… Leave him, Stop comforting yourself that he will change, stop deceiving yourself that you pray for him and God hears prayers. The truth is he is the only one who can initiate that change.

Lest I overstress this issue,

My dad said something to me “my dear The man you will end up with tomorrow God already knows it’s left for him to bring you two together when the time is right “

Leave him before it is too late there are still decent guys out there, Don’t think you have gone too far for a man to accept you after all this mistakes.

Ask God for help

Seek his face and he will see you through this phase.